Dr. MJ Atkins, ND is a Boucher Institute of Naturopathic Medicine graduate. He in general practice as a licenced Naturopathic Doctor at Synergy Health Centre. Dr. Atkins has a clinical interest in pain management and sports medicine. He emphasizes nutrition and digestive health, hormone balancing, chronic disease prevention, and weight management utilizing such therapies as acupuncture, prolotherapy, PRP, neural therapy, detoxification, vitamin/mineral and herbal supplements, and intravenous injections.


Dr. Atkins has received his pharmacy training and has a prescribing licence.  He provides food and inhalant allergy testing and bio-identical hormone therapy.  He also has additional training in chelation therapy, neural therapy, prolotherapy, and PRP.


Education is an important part of his practice and he enjoys teaching patients about the importance of identifying and treating the causes of illness through conventional and complementary approaches to optimize their health.


Dr. Atkins is enjoying his new life in the beautiful city of Victoria with his wife and dog. He is an avid cyclist, who also enjoys hockey, yoga, and hiking to keep active. When not outdoors, you can find him in the kitchen preparing delicious meals.

About MJ

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Commonly Treated Conditions

Sports & Pain Medicine
Skin Treatment
Hormone Balancing
Weight Management
Stress & Energy Balancing